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Programme Description

This course is relevant when the leadership needs to tap into the emotional energy of the employees and forestall:

  • resistance
  • lower morale
  • lack of real effort.

When those three signs show up in the organization, then it's time for the leadership to seek inputs from people utilizing dexterity, paying attention to sensitivities and managing the differences in how people approach their works.

Broad Competencies Addressed

  • Ability to provide direction and decision for team members.
  • Ability to encourage others to participate in team decisions and focus efforts on overall group objectives.

As pressure on today’s managers continues to grow, getting the very best out people becomes even more critical. Coaching is acost effective form of employee development so as to

  • Harness quality staff and aligning the employees efficiently
  • Focus the whole staff on common business goals
  • Wipe out “fortress mentality” by getting different departments to work well together

Course Contents


  • Introduction
    • Why are some businesses consistently outperforming their rivals?
  • A Review of the organization's Business Strategy:
    • Customer reality
    • Team reality
    • Competitive reality (where relevant)
    • Financial reality
    • "Know-how" required.
  • An Assessment of Paradigm Shift Required
    • Personal vision at work
    • Personal drive
    • Resourcefulness
    • Leadership acumen
    • Integrity
    • Self confidence
    • The place of discipline
    • Perception of employees feeling of Engagement.
  • A Focus on Performance and Work Efficiency
    • Focus on making the organization what it should become
    • Enhance your knowledge so as to guide others
    • Agree priority and measurable performance criteria
    • Raise the performance bar
    • Check for understanding and commitment.


  • Human Needs in a Team
    • The need for respect
    • The need to be appreciated
    • The need to Feel important
    • The need to be understood
    • The need to be recognized
  • The Chemistry of Working Together
  • Spirit that makes each person to work well with others even when coming from different backgrounds.
  • Resolution of conflicts in the workplace
    • Common causes of conflicts
    • Types of conflicts
    • Signs of conflicts
    • Interrelationship of assertive and cooperative behaviours
    • What Compromise is 
    • What Collaboration is
  • Role for the frontline leader
    • Building and maintaining a positive, results-oriented work climate
    • Removing interpersonal barriers to understanding and cooperation
    • Keeping things moving towards better performance
    • Learning how to handle negative responses
  • Motivating others
    • Understanding motivation
    • How can a leader motivate others?
    • Ways employees react to frustration
    • Improving meeting outcomes


  • Effective Interpersonal Communication
    •  Learning to Listen
    • Choosing the Right Words to Utter
    • Using the Appropriate Tone of Voice
    • Communicating with Appropriate Body Language
    • Adjusting to Different Personality Types
  • Putting Processes and Discipline Around What Matters Most:
    • Every detail matters
    • Focus on operational excellence
    • Share knowledge.
  • Continuous assessments by the management in respect of:
    • What to expect of “A” Grade employees
    • Signs “B” Grade employees may show
    • Signs “C” Grade employees may show.
  • Agreeing activities to change
  • Agreeing behaviours to change
  • Leadership influence on the staff to achieve and sustain the change.
Date & Time
October 21, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
October 23, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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