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Programme Description:

Risk Management and Internal Control Systems are essential components of a robust Microfinance Bank. One without the other turns the bank like a ship without the rudder. In addition to this, credit is usually the largest risk asset of MFBs, hence, it is imperative that it is given a place of pride in discussing risk management.

Course Objectives

By the end of this training, participants will:

  • Be able to understand and explain Risk Management and Internal Control Systems in MFBs.  
  • Be able to identify Risks and Challenges facing Microfinance Banks.
  • Be able to understand effective Risk Management and Internal Controls.
  • Be able to understand the realities, conditions and consequences of funding sources and choosing the right mix.
  • Be able to understand the challenges of mobilizing and managing public deposits.
  • Be able to understand lending methodologies.
  • Be able to understand overview of credit management.
  • Be able to understand managing concessional funds.

Course Contents:


Introduction to Risk Management. 

Risks and Challenges Mfbs face:

  • Strategic Risks
  • Liquidity Risks
  • Management Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Interest Rate risk
  • Operational Risks
  • Market Risk

Effective risk Management 

  • Features of a good risk management framework
  • Guidelines for implementing risk management
  • Key roles and responsibilities
  • Obstacles to Risk Management
  • Risk Management Feedback loop
  • Key components of the loop, conditions for effective applications
  • Realities, conditions, and consequences of funding sources and choosing a mix
  • Challenges of mobilizing and managing public deposits
  • Micro-lending methodologies

Overview of Credit Management:

  • Initiation
  • Character appraisal and assessment
  • Securisation (collateral), traditional, innovative, character-based group)
  • Approval
  • Disbursement
  • Repayment plan
  • Default and Recovery
  • Loan Portfolio Risk Management, etc


Credit Risk Management

  • Monitoring loans, identifying and managing arrears
  • Causes and costs of delinquency
  • Borrower over -indebtedness
  • Double Borrowing
  • Loan restructuring
  • Controlling delinquency
  • Information exchange on bad borrowers
  • Credit Information System, credit bureau
  • Social Responsibility and Community Development

Managing Concessional (below market rates) Funds

  • Borrowings
  • Subordinated debts
  • Project/Program funds
  • Grants
  • Quasi-Equity
  • Socially responsible investments


Group Lending

  • Formation of Formal and informal groups
  • Why Group Lending
  • Organizational structure /Methodologies 
  •   Record Keeping /Field Monitoring
  • Understanding Loan Delinquency   
  • Signs of Delinquency with MFB Customers 
  • What are the causes of MFB Loan Delinquency   
  • How Loan Losses affect Product Development/Loan Disbursement  
  • Delinquency Prevention /Relationship Management. 

DAY FOUR        

Loan Loss Provision & Reserves

  •   Measuring Delinquency   
  •   Portfolio at Risk (PAR) /PAR Limitations
  • Controlling Delinquency  
  • Loan Portfolio Quality Analysis
  • Group /Association formations  
    • Establishment of formal and informal groups. 
    • Group Meetings and Leaders of the Groups. 
  • Evaluating the Results of the Products and Services.
    • Evaluation and Feedback.  

Date & Time
May 14, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
May 17, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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