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Programme Description

Because the current roles of Learning and Development (L&D) in all organizations will change in the future in line with the trends in best practices, efforts of the employees in all L&D department must match up favourably. They must provide more focused learning and achieve better Return on Investment (ROI) from their training initiatives.

The L&D professionals must always deliver courses that drive business, if they will be true business partners.

The L&D professionals must always be at the cutting edge of self organization and inject great sense of passion into what they do.

The most prominent of the range of competencies that will achieve all these are what this course addresses.

Programme Objectives

By the time the course ends participants will know well how to:

  • Align training and development function to strategic priorities of the organization
  • Design learning programmes that are compelling and meet learners requirements as individuals and the requirements of the organization as a whole
  • Secure adequate resources for L&D projects and activities
  • Manage effectively relationships with stakeholders
  • Attain training logistics competence
  • Master excellent facilitation skills.

Course Contents


  • The Organization’s Strategic Objectives
  • The Organization’s Core Values
  • The L&D Functions
  • L&D Linked to Business Strategy
  • What is Education? What is Training?
  • Manpower Planning and Needs for Training
  • Key Elements of L&D Business Plan.


  • Competency-based Learning Intervention
    • Performance drivers
  • Identifying Skills Gap – Training Needs Analysis
    • Components of an effective Learning Needs Analysis
    • What are Training Needs?
    • Symptoms of the existence of training needs
    • Critical questions in assessing training needs
    • Approaches to training needs identification
    • Gap Analysis
      • Job/task analysis
      • Behavioural repertoires
      • Inventory of skills and knowledge   requirements
      • Training gap assessment
    • Identifying Critical Competencies
    • Identifying relevant and desired proficiency levels.


Curriculum Planning

  • The Curriculum Development Process
  • Components of curriculum planning
  • Job cluster matrix
  • Performance criteria
  • Competencies analysis
  • Proficiency levels
  • Curriculum development
  • Training Inventory
  • Training courses.


Effective Management of Training

  • Management modalities for Local Programmmes
  • Management modalities for In-plant Programmmes
  • Management modalities for International Programmmes
  • Setting and managing training budget
  • Drawing up a costing matrix
  • Maintaining control and cost information

Venue Arrangement Protocols

  • Finding the best places
  • Dealing with traveling time
  • Booking into accommodation

Laying Out the Training Room

  • Cooperative learning for institutional effectiveness
  • The classroom format
  • The U-shape format
  • The boardroom format
  • Syndicate rooms

Relationship with Facilitators

  • Confirming event details with Facilitators
  • Proofing relevance and quality of Facilitator materials.


Training Delivery Methods

  • Introduction to the Art of Teaching
  • Adult Learning Process
    • Psychology of assimilation
    • Why adults learn
    • How adults learn
    • Care about learning atmosphere
  • Designing a training session
  • How to write training objectives
  • Preparing the Training Material

Overview of learning styles

  • Tips for effective presentations
  • Training Steps
    • Planning and preparing
    • Audience knowledge
    • Designing a training session
    • Essential facilities for learning

Training Evaluation

  • Course contents
  • Trainer’s methods
  • Training environment
  • Relevance
  • Applicability on the job
  • Post-course development plan.
Date & Time
February 12, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
February 16, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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