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Programme Objectives

Feedback is a guide for career growth and development, and it is meant to improve the situation of the employee’s behaviour or performance.

This course therefore is about training managers, supervisors and other designated superior positions in the organization to provide a courageous and effective feedback to the people they supervise.

The training will also help with learning how to handle a difficult or awkward feedback conversation.

The kernel of the course includes:

  • having an open discussion with the employees
  • being ready to accept and own your individual responsibilities as the superior
  • observing but not shaming in the style of the feedback
  • mutual agreement on what success looks like for the organization.

Course Contents


Problems with Managing without Feedback to the People

  • People not been sure of their performance or career bearing
  • People not knowing what actions to take
  • People not having a clue about their behaviours to alter.

Ways to Help Employees Grow and Develop

  • Getting to know the employees well
  • Giving them opportunities
  • Coaching them along the way
  • Being direct with them
  • Being honest with them and with yourself.

Process of Giving a Feedback

  • Step 1: how to introduce the conversation
  • Step 2: techniques of being direct and specific about observations worth discussing
  • Step 3: how to clarify the effects the observation is creating
  • Step 4: asking for the employee’s thought about the observation
  • Step 5: suggesting, discussing and agreeing improvements.

Making the Feedback a Dialogue

  • Candid and courageous exchange
  • Inform on current observation or behaviour
  • Opinion on how to get back on missed track
  • Advise on how to stay on track with what is being done right
  • Avoid one-sided or domineering talk
  • One topic/subject at a time
  • Fair views – balancing the constructive with the positive.


Feedback through Regular Appraisal Reviews

  • Uses of performance feedback
  • Preparation for the Manager – Assessment and using performance measures
  • Preparation for the Employee – Career and Development
  • The Performance Review Conversation Guideline
    • three things the employee did best this year and must replicate
    • three things the employee really need to do differently for the purpose of growth and development
  • Expectations from performance feedback exercise
    • Performance feedback
    • Potentiality feedback
    • Reward feedback.
  • Appraisal Process Best Practices
    • The 360 degrees Point of View or Appraisal
    • Critical Feedback Skills
      • active listening
      • excellent communications
  • Process of Managing “poor performers”
  • How to Use Feedback Matrix
  • Agreements on:
    • What to start doing
    • What to continue doing
    • What to stop doing.
Date & Time
August 27, 2024
Start - 8:30 AM
August 28, 2024
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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