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Program Description:

The fundamental leadership question that dates to Machiavelli and beyond is: As a leader, would you rather be strong or loveable? This question lies at the core of the “Leadership Paradox”. How do you use your leadership power to build and inspire the team for improved performance?

"Harnessing Your Leadership Power for Constructive Guidance" is a comprehensive three-day leadership development program designed to empower participants with the skills and mindset required to guide and lead teams towards success effectively.

This interactive and experiential course aims to cultivate strong leadership qualities, communication prowess, and the ability to provide constructive guidance to team members.


The primary objective of this course is to equip participants with the necessary leadership tools and techniques to provide constructive guidance, support, and motivation to their teams. By the end of the program, participants will:

  • Understand the core principles of constructive guidance and its impact on team performance.
  • Develop essential leadership skills, including communication, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution.
  • Learn to build trust and foster a collaborative work culture within their teams.
  • Master techniques for giving feedback and coaching team members effectively.
  • Identify individual leadership styles and leverage strengths to inspire and motivate others.
  • Cultivate self-awareness and continuously improve as a leader.       

Course Content

Day 1

A Business Case for Constructive Guidance

  • Understanding Constructive Guidance and Essential Leadership Principles: Definition, benefits, and challenges.
  • The Role of a Leader: Responsibilities, expectations, and impact on team performance.
  • Leadership Styles: Identifying different leadership approaches and understanding their effects on team dynamics.
  • Building Emotional Intelligence: Recognizing and managing emotions to enhance leadership effectiveness.
  • Active Listening and Effective Communication: Techniques for active listening and delivering clear messages.

Day 2

Cultivating a Positive Work Environment and Providing Constructive Feedback

  • Creating a Positive Work Culture: Strategies for fostering Collaboration, trust, and mutual respect.
  • The Art of Giving Feedback: Understanding the importance of feedback and learning to deliver it constructively.
  • Coaching Skills: Developing coaching abilities to guide team members towards growth and success.
  • Conflict Resolution: Techniques for managing conflicts and turning them into opportunities for growth.
  • Empowering Team Members: Delegating tasks and responsibilities to build team autonomy and ownership.

Constructive Guidance Techniques

  • Giving and receiving feedback effectively.
  • Addressing conflicts and managing difficult conversations.
  • Coaching and mentoring: techniques for guiding team members' growth.
  • Empowering decision-making and fostering a culture of responsibility.
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement.

Day 3

Mastering Leadership and Continuous Improvement

  • Leadership Presence: Cultivating a solid leadership presence and inspiring others.
  • Leading by Example: Modelling the behaviours and values promoting a high-performance culture.
  • Time Management and Prioritization: Balancing leadership responsibilities and personal productivity.
  • Reflective Practice: Emphasizing the importance of self-awareness and continuous improvement as a leader.
  • Action Planning: Develop a personalised action plan to apply the knowledge and skills gained in the course.

Date & Time
August 7, 2023
Start - 9:30 AM
August 9, 2023
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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