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Programme Description

This is a Change Leadership Development programme for Senior Management. It will build a strong footing for sustaining positive continual change in the behaviour.

It is a course that gets top members of management into three insights for leading successful change, namely:

  • Insight into a “Big Goal” that will define the change leadership success
  • Insight into the people and resources that will influence the achievement of the “Big Goal” Change
  • Insight into the cultural dimensions that will stimulate the people and the environment of the business and make the attained Change to endure.

Learning Outcomes

  • Planning activities to manage Change.
  • Leadership influence on the staff for them to embrace Change.
  • Staying on top of the Change effects.
  • Communications at all levels to attain buy-in.
  • Continuous assessments of the organization’s culture:
    •  What to expect of “A” Grade Leader
    •  Signs “B” Grade Leader may show
    •  Signs “C” Grade Leader may show.

 Course Contents


The Leadership Mindset to Change for Big Goals

  • Defining and Developing new Big Goals for the organization:
    •  Big Goal that touches the organization
    •  Big Goal by which the organization touches everybody
    •  The target for the Big Goal Change
    •  The People Map for Change
    •  Powerful vs Limiting mindset
    •  Drawing up the leadership lifeline
    •  Knowing your leadership stuff.     
  • Assessment of Current Positions.
  • The Change Vision and Strategy.
  • The Tools that will Drive Change.
  • New Mindset Required for the New Game.
    •  What to expect of “A” Grade Leader
    •  Signs “B” Grade Leader may show
    •  Signs “C” Grade Leader may show.


The Leadership Required for the Change Journey

  • Understanding Change as a Process.
  • Trends and external forces shaping your business
  • Innovation and Response to Change

- The four paths to new value innovation

  • Taking Decisions on Types of Change.
  • Identifying Change Enablers.
  • Defining the Change Themes.
  • Choosing the Action Committee (the Change Agents).
  • Change Tactics.
  • Identifying the Barriers to Change.
  • Setting Milestones.
  • Critical Success Factors.
  • Expected Gains.


Developing the Change Plan and Alignment

  • Putting Processes and Discipline Around What Matters Most:
    •  Every detail matters
    •  Focus on operational excellence
    •  Share knowledge
  • Leadership Power Language:
    •  A person of impressive skill 
    •  Daring in pursuit of success
    •  Self-assurance
    •  Expertise

- Emotional word picture.

  • Team Leadership and Teamwork Skills.
  • Communication Strategy and Road Shows.
  • The Place of Discipline.
  • The Opportunities in Challenges.


Execution and Follow Through

  • Strategy:
    •  Customer reality
    •  Team Reality
    •  Competitive reality (if relevant)
    •  Financial Reality
    •  “Know-how” required.
  • Culture – Winning Together:
    •  Atmosphere being created
    •  Values projected – memorable moments.
  • Understand the Mood Elevator.
  • Understand the Accountability Ladder.
  • Change Management Mistakes to Avoid.
  • Separating Desired Outcome from Process.
  • Focus on Winning, not Losing:
    •  Flexibility
    •  Firmness
    •  Speed.                                   
  • Celebrating Success & Improving Continuously.


Defining Success for Yourself as the Leader

  • Professional success.
  • career trajectory.
  • Personal success.
  • Building Support Networks

- Understand and manage Technology.

  • Leadership Mindfulness:
    •  Actively noticing new things
    •  Sensitivity to contexts.

Date & Time
July 17, 2023
Start - 8:30 AM
July 21, 2023
End - 3:00 PM Africa/Lagos

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