Untrained frontline personnel can do immeasurable damage to a business through what they do or say that irritates customers.

  • Not Knowing the Price of Your Product: Quite a few frontline personnel need to learn the price of the product/service their companies sell. Your price list should always be within easy reach. But even at that, your fastest-moving products must be easy to recall.
  • Writing the Wrong Value on the Invoice: If you under-bill a customer, he may not complain – so long as you don’t ask him to pay the difference later! If, on the contrary, you over-bill a customer, he may not forgive you in a hurry. Remember that nobody likes to pay for someone else’s mistake.
  • Exaggerating Your Features and Benefits: It reflects either your ignorance or inordinate eagerness to sell. Don’t miss a lifetime relationship because of one sale. A customer is always happy if you come across straight. Don’t expect him to say nice things about you if you hoodwink him.

                             THE THINGS CUSTOMERS HATE  by Allwell Nwankwo.