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Tom Associates is a foremost and very consistent management training institution in Nigeria, focusing on the development of private and public sector managers since 1992. Each year, we organise an average of 200 workshops. Our in-plant courses (60% of total) meet peculiar needs of the clients through programme objectives and contents design. The open subscription courses (40% of total) offer participants the opportunity to meet people of different backgrounds and share experiences...
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Aggressive Market Penetration - Battles for Market Share

Programme Description A four-day sales and marketing training on intense and offensive market drive. With speed, the sales and marketing persons must: • &n...

December 1 - 4, 2015

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Competencies in Service Strategy

Programme Description A customer service thought process that enables everyone participating in it to contribute to development of strategies regarding: • ...

December 1 - 4, 2015

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Advanced Strategic Warehousing and Stores Management

Course Objectives Efficient warehouse operations do the following: - Provide timely customer service - Keep track of items so that they can b...

December 2 - 4, 2015

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Strategic Brand Management Course

Programme Objectives This course delivers five broad competencies: 1. Ability to develop marketing strategy to guide the plan for different brands in the compan...

December 2 - 4, 2015

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Intermediate Excel for Financial & Business Analysis

Programme Description This intermediate course is to make participants understand some critical functions and their usages in MS Excel. It starts with Data Manipulations, and go...

December 2 - 4, 2015

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Career Sponsor Imperative: Who's pulling for you? Who's putting your hat in the ring? (Sylvia Ann Hewlett)

Look Out For Your Dominant Cognitive Biases

Here are the seven cognitive biases. Which are the dominant ones for you? 1. Status Quo Bias: It is natural to want to preserve the status quo and, human nature being what it is, we tend to defe

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The Fat Smoker Syndrome

As you read this, think of the organization you work for; think of thecountry. For you and me, the organization you work for and this country, for all of us to keep up, in fact to innovate an

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The Only Country In The World

In 2009, Nigeria paid 209 billion naira as subsidy for petroleum products imported into the country. By 2011, i.e. two years after, the subsidy payment jumped to 2,700 billion (2.7 trillion) naira. In

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Look Ahead - The Earth Faces Mass Extinction

Our earth is facing the perfect storm or do you not see that yet? The oceans are drying in our time. By 2048, that’s less than thirty years from now, all fishes may be dead. Only 100 billion

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